Having selected the theme for a given festival, performing arts organisations will be invited to develop a theatre play based on the theme and to submit an audition video showcasing their performance of the play. From submitted videos TAP will select ten successful organisations to perform their play at the theatre festival. Each winning organisation will receive £5,000.

Umdlalo Wabantu Arts Festival 2020

The Arts Festival has a unique operation of arts programs those that accommodate the international stage of the day to day operation of the organisation and a broader operations care affiliate of building the boundaries within the arts sector mainly to foster a long term goal of sustainability amongst artist and those e of which are involved in the organisation behaviour. 

Talent Alleviation Projects Ltd & The Team of Umdlalo Wabantu Arts Festival 2020

What we are want to achieve as an organisation is to integrate a Global Arts combinations under the Umdlalo Wabantu Arts Festival in contents with the name of the festival and the project fundamental initiatives with the global community. Our micro magnitude with the festival is managed and built on a long term goal set by the Talent Alleviation Projects Ltd.

One of our long term goals that is set to be the main purpose of hosting these festival is building a center for the Talent Alleviation Projects Ltd.

Coming soon is the Arts Center of the Talent Alleviation Projects Ltd.

Suitable venues will be rented  throughout Manchester for the theatre festival and the plays run over a seven-day period with two performances per day carried out by the winning organisations. Tickets to performances will be sold to the public through ticketing companies such as Ticketmaster and tickets will also be available through TAP's website.