The modelling festival runs over a period of seven days in Manchester and consists of morning workshops where attendees discuss and exchange experiences and ideas connected to the theme of the festival followed by catwalk sessions, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, where aspiring models display their skills. A panel of judges will observe each session and will select ten participating models to go through to a grand final. The winner of the final is afforded a special package of assistance with their career progression, enacted by experienced TAP's trainers.

The Modelling Week Festival is an annual festival that has started to recruit the team of about 10 people. Volunteers who will progress from being volunteers to becoming to full time staff of the subcommittee, will be involved in the operations and day to day running of the organisation and the festival. Our project future of the Modelling Week Festival is to maintain on building different fundamental policy infringements, those that subject to our organisation and those that we trade within the industry of modelling.

To be one of the best Annalistic festivals in modelling, based on acquiring substantial organisation prospects in the industry that cattails to produce and link the Models with the organisation, will foster to work them on Global contents as our festival is hoping to alleviate that monopolistic tendering obstacle in the modelling industry.

We aim and target to be the best in industry from policy accusations to the adjustments and care of the future of models both from a contents of earnings and to the process of freedom of acquisition of inequality and in the society and the Global community.

The Modelling Week Festival 2020 will run for a period of 7 days at a chosen venue by the Team of the Talent Alleviation Projects Ltd working with a Subcommittee of the Modelling Week Festival. A day session of modelling and an evening full of exhilarating, colourful performances filled with workshop and facilitation of the education tops based on acquisitions of building economical obstacles at a Global Niche. 

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Participating models for the festival are charged a competition entrance fee and tickets will be sold to the general public who wish to attend the catwalk sessions. Tickets will be available through ticketing companies such as Ticketmaster as well as directly from TAP's website.