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Performing Arts Courses & Workshops in Manchester

Welcome to Talent Alleviation Projects Ltd (TAP). We are a new, fresh and exciting organisation who operate training facilities in the center of Manchester. We cover a wide range of performing arts courses, including Theatre, Modelling, Choreography and Script Writing to name a few. Our full range of courses, training sessions and workshops for students of the performing arts are available all year round which will be free to attend by all qualifying individuals including graduate students. For those who have not graduated but are wanting to pursue a career in performing arts then you can join our courses and workshops at an affordable fee. If you have graduated university and have a natural artistic talent, who want to pursue careers in the performing arts industry, fill in our contact form and we will be in touch.

A full range of performing arts courses, workshops and training sessions will be offered to students studying in the industry. Courses will be ran all year round and will be free to attend by qualifying individuals. Target attendees will be individuals who have recently graduated from University and who possess identifiable artistic talent and intend to pursue careers that make use of this talent. The courses and training offered by TAP will be designed to assist students in this quest.

Our Performing Arts Training Courses & Management In Manchester

Talent Alleviation Projects Ltd have a range of new and innovative ideas moving forward to building revenue, and we are looking to organise two events per year so that we can fund our organisation. We are extremely excited to have our Annual Umdlalo Wabantu Theatre Festival, which covers a range of different performing arts including choreography courses, script writing courses and theatre performances all in the heart of Crumpsall, Greater Manchester. Our performing arts students will be working hard towards the end of their courses and workshops at our training facilities in Manchester.

Our Performing Arts Festivals - Modelling & Theatre Festivals

We are also excited to bring you the modelling week festival and we are inviting people for interviews and preparation for an open scheduled session. We support gender equality, so we want male and female models to come on board and show us what you’ve got.

Each festival will be themed according to topical issues with attendees given the opportunity to exchange views and experiences. The theme for the first two festivals is expected to be that of gender inequality in performing arts.

Performing Theatre & Training Management 

We operate from some 5,000ft2 leased premises in Crumsall, Manchester centre from where it will offer a range of performing arts training courses to newly graduated individuals who intend to develop a career using their artistic talent. Theses performing theatre courses will be free to all qualifying students and much of the content will be designed and delivered by suitably qualified employees of the business.

It is anticipated that the business will be self-sustaining as our business model allows for the costs of year-round training and courses to be covered from two income generating festivals per year. The first is our performing theatre festival and the second a modelling festival.

Our Mission

To afford UK based artistic talent with free to access high quality training and career development through efficient and effective promotion of a small number of revenue generating themed artistic festivals designed to cover the ongoing overheads of the organisation.

Get In Touch

If you would like to have a look around our performing arts training facilities in Manchester or would like some more information on our performing arts courses and workshops, then you can call on 07512 045 287 or email us at [email protected] Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and we will be in touch with you very soon. You can also find out more about our script writing courses and creative writing courses, choreography courses, and training management on our other pages. 

You can also take a look at our current vacancies here, including vacancies for our fundraising team for the Arts Festival.